How To Save Money When Moving

Are you moving houses? If this is your first time to move, then I have bad news for you. Moving costs a lot of money. Relocation expenses can rack up thousands of pounds. When you are elbow deep in boxes and packing tape, you often forget the costs of moving. Check out how much moving houses cost here.

When you move, you can’t avoid expenses. Unfortunately, it’s part of the relocation process. Only once you’ve finished your move, do you realise that you have spent way over budget. However, there are multiples ways for you to save up and reduce the cost. Here, we discuss some sure-fire methods on how to save money when you’re moving.


Often, homeowners are astounded by the sheer amount of items that they possess. Before you move, you should declutter and get rid of all your nonessential items. When you declutter, you get to reduce the number of things that you pack. Packing your stuff will eat away your precious time. You can use the time you save from packing adjusting to your new life. Take a stroll in the park, eat out, meet new people. At the same time, you can use this to say goodbye to your old place and friends.

Fewer items to pack also mean less packing boxes needed, which drastically reduces your relocation costs. Also, if you’re thinking of using a moving service, the fewer boxes you move, the cheaper your bill will be.

Hold A Garage Sale

Hit two birds with one stone by holding a garage sale. You earn money from the items that you were otherwise going to throw away from your decluttering. Use the funds gathered to finance your moving costs. Find a new home for your used clothes, old books, and grown out toys and provide them with a new sense of purpose.

A garage sale is an excellent way for you to say your last farewells to the neighbourhood that you lived on for years. Get to interact with your neighbours one last time before you move to a new one. At the end of your garage sale, you can even host a dinner or buy gifts for reasonable prices using discount codes from coupon sites like ClothingRIC. This is also perfect for emptying the contents of your fridge. Bringing perishables during your move is not a good idea. Additionally, it means less stuff to carry.

Use Free Moving Boxes

On my first move, one thing that shocked me was the price of moving boxes. Boxes cost me hundreds of pounds and I only used them once. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Go around your local shops and ask for the boxes that they don’t use. They will have loads. You can also ask from family and friends.

You can check out this guide on how to get free moving boxes.

Hire A Removals Company
man and van hire

Hiring a moving service like a removals company would sound counterintuitive for you but do the calculations. They are more cost-efficient than doing the move yourself. Calculate all of the expenses that you will incur when you DIY your relocation. More often than not, hiring a removals company is cheaper.

The gas costs of you driving your van back and forth, your time and efforts, and of course, the injuries that you may incur on your body just outweighs the cost of hiring professional movers. They can easily make your life easier. The entire moving process is done without any hassle on your part.

Removals companies have the knowledge needed to complete a full move. Moving large furniture and appliances can be specifically tricky, especially when you don’t have a large enough vehicle for the move. 

Are you dealing with a big scale relocation like a four-bedroom or an office move? Hire a man and van service instead!

Bubble Wrap Alternatives
wrapping paper

A 500 mm x 100m roll of bubble wrap costs £13 – 20 depending on where you buy it from. You could easily remove the cost of bubble wrap by using your clothes, rags or newspaper to pack your fragile items in. This is also a greener way as bubble wrap plastic is a known pollutant.

Ask Family and Friends For Help
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Instead of hiring helpers with the lifting and packing of your boxes, why not ask your family and friends to help? If you’re moving far away, this gives you a chance to reminisce and have a last bonding moment with your loved ones before you move to a different location.

Avoid Peak Season

If you want to get a cheaper price estimate from moving companies, complete the move away from peak season. Avoid holidays and weekends so you can get the most affordable service available. 

Moving could be quite stressful. Lessen this by hiring a removals service to help you out. Additionally, you can opt to hire a storage unit with WhatStorage, so you don’t have to unpack immediately. This will give you the chance to be familiar with the area first. Once you’re settled in, you can then start to unpack your stuff. You’ll also realise that having a storage unit is quite beneficial to your life. You won’t have to keep most of your non-essential items inside your house. 

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