A Guide for Packing Mirrors for Storage

Mirrors are expensive and fragile. Hence, it is crucial to provide them with extra attention when packing them for storage or a house move. If you are wondering how you can pack your mirror to guarantee maximum protection during storage, read through this guide for some simple yet useful packing tips.

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Step 1 – Invest in High-Quality Materials for Packing

When you are packing mirrors, you should start with understanding the importance of purchasing high-quality packing materials.  This will help you ensure that your mirrors are packed as safely and as securely as possible. Compromising on the quality of these packing supplies while trying to save money may result in dire, costly consequences such as your mirror getting cracked, or worse, totally broken.

Some materials you will need are packaging tape, masking tape, styrofoam, a customised moving box, bubble wrap, and corner protectors.

High-quality packing materials

Step 2 – Take Some Masking Tape and Make a Large ‘X’ Sign on the Mirror

Place the mirror on a flat, soft surface such as your bed. Place strips of the masking tape diagonally, from one corner of the mirror to the other. Do this until you form an “X” with the tape. By doing this, you can ensure that your mirror will not shatter in case it gets broken.

Taping the glass will also protect its frame from getting damaged if the mirror falls from a high height. This way, you will only replace the broken mirror rather than the whole thing.

Step 3 – Use Corner Protectors to Guard the Mirror Frame Corners

Safely transporting a mirror is all about protecting it from all possibilities.

However, most people only focus on protecting the glass rather than protecting the frame. However, protecting the latter is a big mistake, as the frame itself also serves as a protection to the glass mirror.

Hence, protecting the frame is vital. After all, damage does not only result from impact on the glass but also from the excessive vibration and movement while in transit. Use corner protectors to protect the frame. These protectors are ideal for frames that have right-angled edges. Use bubble wrap for frames that are curved or ornate.

Step 4 – Get a Cardboard Sheet and Place it on the Glass Surface

Use scissors to cut a piece of cardboard to place on the mirror. The cardboard will protect the mirror from grime, dirt, and dust that could leave marks and scratches on glass surfaces.

Step 5 – Take a Styrofoam and Cut It To A Size Similar to the Cardboard and Place it on the Cardboard

To protect the mirror further, take a Styrofoam, then cut it into two sections. Their size should be similar to the cardboard. Take the Styrofoam and place it on the cardboard. Use a packing tape to secure them together.

Step 6 – Wrap the Styrofoam, Mirror and Cardboard Together

Take some old blankets or towels and use them to cover the mirror, styrofoam, and cardboard in one bundle. Ensure the wrapping is tight enough. Alternatively, you may use bubble wrap if you can’t get some blankets or towels.

Lastly, cover everything with plastic wrap. This will prevent mould and moisture from damaging the mirror while it is in storage.

Step 7 – Put the Wrapped Mirror in a Customized Box

It is important to use a customized box to move or store a mirror. A customized box will come perfectly sized for your mirror, thus protecting it from any type of damage.

Make sure not to use a box that is significantly larger than your mirror. After all, you wouldn’t want your mirror to have more than enough space to move around while in transit. Too much movement may cause your mirror to get broken or damaged.

Step 8 – Mark the Box Clearly

Fragile on Box

Mark the box as “Fragile” in large and legible writing. You may even use a special “Fragile” sticker to make sure it can be easily seen, even from afar. Mark all sides to make sure that anyone handling the package will know to take care of it.

You may even add a “This Side Up” label to the box to ensure that your mirror is not positioned incorrectly.

Step 9 – Move or Store the Mirror Upright

move mirror upright

The most important thing when moving or storing a mirror is to keep it upright at all times. After all, laying it flat would increase the risk of objects falling on the glass and breaking it.  It is also essential to make sure that nothing is ever stacked on your mirror, as it may get crushed if the object is too heavy.

With these nine steps in mind, you have learned how to easily pack a mirror for storage or for a house move. Alternatively, you may also employ the help of professional movers and packers to help you out with the task of keeping your mirror safely packed, transported, and stored!

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