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Hiring A House Removals Company in Nottingham?

Moving houses involves numerous tasks that can be overwhelming and exhausting. After all, you will need to pack, carry, move, unpack, and arrange your belongings. Before you know it, you’re out of energy. Hence, the logical thing to do is to ask for help. You may do this by asking friends and family, or better yet, hiring professionals to help you out.

If you want assistance from professional movers, we suggest you look for a removals company near you. Availing services from professional movers is advantageous because it allows you to complete your move in the quickest way possible.

WhatRemovals has several partner companies all over the UK to assist you in your move. You just have to enter your location on our site, and we will list all available removals companies near you. Aside from the company names, we will also include all the company details necessary.

Compare Cheaper Removal Companies in Nottingham

  • Downs Removals

    A local, friendly company with competitive rates.

  • P D Richards Ltd

    Providing a professional and friendly service.

  • Rightmove Removals

    We thoroughly plan each removal, making a detailed inventory of all items to be moved before packing everything for transport.

  • Three Shires

    We offer a wide range of services, partial/to full house moves, partial/full packing services.

  • Vanworld

    Stocking both new and used vehicles, Vanworld is also there for your maintenance needs, be it service, MOT or repairs.

  • Leicester Machine Movers Limited

    Specialise in the transport, loading, storage and packaging of all types of machinery throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • CW Removals

    A family run business based in Warwickshire, serving all of the surrounding areas.

  • MJ Movers

    Removals Specialists | For all your household & business needs

  • Delivering The Goods

    Cheaper, easier and more convenient than self-drive!

  • 3 Ways Transport Ltd

    We have a range of inside self-storage units for your household goods.


    Our goal is to exceed customers expectations by customizing our moving house services to specific needs.

  • Moo-vit Removals

    Any kind of removals, clearances. Courier services and contracts undertaken.

  • Harrisons Removals Storage

    A local family run business providing you with a quality and reliable service by professionals.

  • Jonills Removals & Storage

    Successfully built an excellent reputation for carrying out the finest quality removals over the past quarter-century.

  • JP Removals

    We are available all year round for moving services.

  • Longpods Removals And Storage

    We aim to give our customers relevant services, brilliant organization and planning, and reasonable prices.

  • A & R Removals Limited

    Moving made hassle free when you use A&R Removals.

  • CD Removals Limited

    Comprehensive Man and Van Service fully insured with waste carriers license.

  • DW Removals Of Derby

    We are an established Removals Company in Derby providing professional and affordable Removals and Storage.

FAQs About Nottingham Removals

Nottingham is all about evolution. You don’t have to worry about your decision to move to this town due to the opportunities it presents. Once labelled as one of the worst places to live in the UK, Nottingham slowly has evolved into becoming one of the most promising towns in the UK.

It has a massive pool of talent that allowed the city to be named as the third best city in the UK for jobs. Moreover, Nottingham now has several thriving industries, especially in the creative and digital field. A considerable factor for this sudden boom in potential careers is the quality of education in the city.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been convinced that moving is Nottingham is the right decision, but are quite unsure about using a removals company to help you move to Nottingham, here are some common questions that we’ve answered to help you change your mind. 

Local Information

Average Removal Cost


Average Property Price


Average Rental Price


Number of Removal Partners


How Much Do House Removals Companies in Nottingham Cost?

Nottingham removals companies do not have a standard cost. There are, however, factors that removals costs are based upon. These factors include the season of the move, the size of the removals job, the difficulty of the job, the size of the team you wish to help you with the move, distance between the point of origin and destination, and how long the job is going to take. An average cost of a removals job in Nottingham runs at about £716.

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How Do I Find A Reliable Nottingham Mover?

To make sure you are working with a reliable house removals company in Nottingham, one thing you can do is hire a company that is a member of one of the storage and removals trade organisations in the UK. Such organisations uphold their members to a standard that makes sure they only provide you with the best services possible. Here are some organisations you know you can rely on:

  • British Association of Removers (BAR)
  • Association of Independent Movers (AIM)
  • Federation of European Moving Association (FEDEMA)
  • The International Federation of International Movers (FIDI)
  • British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Comparison sites like WhatRemovals are also useful when you are looking to hire a reliable Nottingham removals company. Just visit our website and input the information needed. You will then be shown a list of the best suitable Nottingham removals firms which you may compare and choose from.

How Do I Know If My Nottingham Movers Are Legitimate?

Nottingham Removals firms are not regulated, nor do they have to be licensed. Because of this, it is encouraged that you find a company that is, at the very least, registered as a legal business. You may also look for movers that are members of any of the organizations mentioned above.

How Far In Advance Should I Book A Removals Company?

You will want to book a removals company about two weeks to a month ahead, as many house removal companies have fully-booked schedules the whole year round. So, if every aspect of the relocation aligns, it would be best for you to lock in your dates ASAP.

How Long Do Removals Jobs Take?

The length of the job is usually dependent on how much stuff you have, how big your house is, and how many movers you hire for the job. To find out how long exactly the job will take, coordinate with your removal company.

Is There Insurance?

Yes, most of the time, there will be liability insurance for the items your removals company will be moving for you. However, to ensure maximum protection for your items, purchasing a removals insurance policy is also ideal. After all, a generic building and contents insurance policy may not cover house removals and item transportation.

Who Handles The Filing Of Permits For The Truck, Van, Or Lorry?

Parking and entry permits are generally handled by the customers themselves. However, others may be able to help you out. Ask your removals company to find out!

How Do You Determine A Long-Distance Move?

Some movers consider crossing city or county lines as a long-distance move. However, generally, anything past the 50-km mark is considered a long distance.

What Can A Removals Company Not Move?

Most removals firms will not move hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, illegal substances, jewellery, cash, plants, animals, and for long-distance travels, and perishable and frozen goods.

Top 4 Best Places To Move In Nottingham


Beeston is one of the more popular moving destinations in Nottingham. This suburban area has a pretty decent transport network which makes the city centre easily accessible. Despite it being so close to the city centre, though, you wouldn’t have to worry about making the trip every time you need anything, as there are various shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and recreational centres in the area. With a wide variety of property types, Beeston is perfect for both young professionals and families. 


If you are looking to settle down with your family, Wollaton is the place to be. It offers convenience in the form of numerous shops and amenities. Wollaton is also home to several excellent educational institutions, various recreational facilities, and a well-stocked library. If you are planning on living here and commuting into Wollaton for work, you’ll also be glad to know that this area is well-connected to the city centre through an efficient transport system. 

West Bridgford

If you are looking for a thriving area that is just a mile from the city centre, West Bridgford is the place to be. It has a wide range of restaurants, bars, sporting venues, and everything else a young professional would want to have access too. This area also has different property types, thus making it an option if you are planning on moving with your family, too.


Mapperley is one of the most desirable places in Nottingham, as it is perfect for anyone ranging from young professionals to those who are looking to move with their family. The area is home to numerous local shops, an efficient transport link, and the most desirable properties in Nottingham.

Moving to Nottingham is a lot easier if you avail our services. You will also want to consider hiring self storage facilities in Nottingham. If you’re looking for a man and van service in Nottingham, you can also entrust us with the job!

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