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We can provide you with the materials to do the packing yourself – it’s up to you!.

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Chappell's Removals & Storage have been operating in the industry for over 40 years providing expert removals services with containerised storage. We specialised in a core set of services that we have perfected over time to ensure we provide one of the most efficient and secure services throughout the Surrey & London area. 

Our core services include General House Removals, Small House / Flat Removals, Large House Removals, Containerized Storage, Furniture Removals, Piano Removals, Fine Art Removals, Packing Services, Office Moves & Overseas Moves.

Chappell's Removals are a sister company of Kelly's Storage, a mobile self-storage provider based in Guildford, Surrey

We fully support the charity work they do. Kelly's Storage Charity Events pays for and organises exceptional mass participation sporting events that provide huge fundraising opportunities for local charities. They cover all costs so every penny raised goes to the partner charity and as a result, the charity receives far more from these events than the company could ever donate themselves.  So far, over £600,000 has been raised.

We want to ensure that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your move. Everything from the planning stage right through to the moment you arrive at your new home.

Through our blog, where we post regular content that you can consume for free, we try to make sure you are fully prepared for every aspect of your house, flat, office or overseas move.

We also know a lot of areas extremely well, especially in Surrey, and so do our best to provide as much information around these areas as we can for those looking to move into or around the locations.

So if you are moving to or around Surrey, we shall ensure to give you the information you need.

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Apartment / Flat moves
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Customer Reviews

Linda Clinker 2 years ago

During recent renovation work, I had to move out of my flat, have my possessions put into storage for a few days and then have everything moved back in. Andy, Matt, Jason and Phil from Chappells were fantastic! Really friendly, efficient and professional and made everything go smoothly - including moving my fishtank and its occupants to a safe location and then back again. Can't thank 'em enough for all their hard work!!

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Dan 1 year ago

WARNING : DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.WAY OVERPRICED - If you get other quotes you'll discover this before it's too late! I recently moved house and I had heard of Chappell's so I got them to quote for my move. A man came round and listed the stock before indicating approx. volume, no. men required and how long it would take. It all seemed consistent with other quotes I had at the time.Then a day later I received the quote and I couldn't believe it. To compare their quote with the one I finally went with on the day;Chappell's- 2,200 cuft- 2 days- £5.2kCompany I went with- 1,800 cuft- 1 day- £1.9kHow is this even possible? They quoted £3.3k more (that's 2.7 times as much). So please BEWARE, they are very very expensive and you will save money going elsewhere. (obviously I can't state the name of the company I went with as it would look like I'm marketing them).

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Judith Richards 2 years ago
prices have increased by 60% without…

prices have increased by 60% without any explanation or justification; emails are sent on an address that cannot be replied to; promised phone calls are not made and financial statements are incomprehensible.

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Terrry Dawes 2 years ago
A very disappointing experience

We recently using Chappells for our move to York because we had always had good reports of their service, but unfortunately the company has deteriorated since its involvement with Kellys Removals. In our innocence we trusted them with our possessions because, to quote a member of their team "the packing team will be fully prepared with packing materials to protect all of you goods such as TV’s whilst they are in transit, a lot of our team have been in the industry for over 20 years so you can be rest assured that they will handle all goods with care and will make the move as stress free as possible".On the day before moving, the removal team arrived with a vehicle clearly too small to cope with the amount to be loaded, despite the original quote including a large capacity van. The team spent some time discussing this on their mobile phones with, presumably, head office and eventually another 2 small vans arrived, although one eventually left. The team seemed as perplexed as us but were friendly enough and obviously keen to help.Being both in our seventies we just let them get on with the loading and kept out of their way.The next day was the day of the move and only one man in one van turned and had to unload on his own until another arrived an hour later in the second van. Once the vans were unloaded and the team had departed we discovered that our wooden corner unit had been badly scratched and chipped and our nearly new vacuum cleaner had disappeared. In view of our experience we will not be able to recommend Chappells to friends and family and would in fact have been better off hiring "men with vans", which would have been a lot cheaper.

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John Gordon 3 years ago
Such a shame to see this company go downhill!

I’ve had storage with Chappell’s Removals for approximately 20 years and used them for both UK domestic removals in the UK as well as an international move to France. However, sadly at the beginning of the year (2018) they changed ownership and became part of Kelly’s Storage and my items in store (32 containers) were moved to Kelly’s Storage warehouse in St.Albans.I used Chappell’s Removals because when I first joined, and up until they changed ownership, they were an absolutely AMAZING company! So patient and helpful, I felt welcome at every opportunity and I not only increased my storage with them but happily recommended them to anyone who needed storage or removals.However, since the change of ownership most of the original staff at Chappell’s Removals have gone and the ‘AMAZING’ company I once knew and used has become a nightmare! They have overcharged me, damaged goods I had in storage, increased my storage costs without any notification (which is illegal) and treated me as a bad customer.It is so sad to see a great company change and become a company I could never recommend, never use again not if they were the only removal company left on Earth! I have items missing, items damaged some completely beyond repair and despite paying for insurance and being with Chappell’s Removals for such a long time (being their largest customer for storage at one time) I feel let down and betrayed.It won’t be hard to find a removals company better than Chappell’s Removals as now they are one of the worst I have ever come across and I never thought I could ever say that as they used to be so good!

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Sue Taylor 4 years ago

This was the most amazing experience! Moving house after 37 years was quite an emotional experience, but your guys were so friendly, professional and helpful that stress levels were totally reduced. They were unfailingly cheerful and happy to help.Thank you for making our move so easy. We would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone else planning a move!

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Paul Martin 4 years ago

The customer experience was next to none - I could not recommend them highly enough. Thank you Chappell's Removals

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They were excellent, so accommodating when our moving date changed and were so friendly and helpful on the actual moving day

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Gregers Kronborg 4 years ago
Great at 2 removals for us

We have used Chappells twice to move our 5 bedroom home, and it has worked excellently. First time we made a price check and it was ok. Second time the price was identical ..- we moved the same lot any way.The service include packaging, and reassembling of furniture. All went vety fint. The removalsvteam was flexible and great to work with ... as moving always becomes a cooperative effort.We will use Chappells again.

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Elif Chapman 5 years ago

Wish I could give you 10 stars!! What an amazing experience. Thank you all very much for making the entire process easy and stress free

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