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Entering the removals industry back in 2005 – our starting point, there was just one van, which was used to make small deliveries around London. Through hard work and a continuous strive for success the company grew rapidly throughout the years.

In 2012 Removals Zone Limited was established with the aim of delivering relocation services of the highest standards in London. With the experience we have gained throughout the years and employment of best practices we perfected the way we deliver removal services and decided to broaden the scope of our expertise.

As of November 2014 the Removals Zone Ltd. offers services beyond the scope of relocation. Currently, the company operates in the fields of removals, cleaning, clearances, and rubbish disposals – each of which offer services designed for private and business customers alike.

Removals Zone’s primary focus for each and every service delivered is on providing a hassle-free experience to the customer. This way we provide people with more free time, which they can use in a more enjoyable and preferred way.

At the top of the company hierarchy is the Director and owner of Removals Zone. The business is run by a team of highly qualified managers who control all aspects of the company processes and report directly to the Director. With a continuous innovation and improvement approach, and application of the latest best practices, the management pursues ever greater levels of service quality.

Removals Zone Ltd. has continuously expanded throughout the years. The main advantage, which our company is proud of, are our professional teams. Currently, there are over two hundred people working at the company, carrying out the services our customers request on a daily basis.

Every new employee goes initially through professional training, to ensure that the services they deliver are up to the standards of the company.

Each and every one of our employees knows their role in the company, thus working together as a whole to provide all of our customers with services that exceed their expectations.

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Apartment / Flat moves
House Moves
Moves from / to a Storage Facility
Single or Multiple Furniture
Storage Unit
Rubbish Clearance
Car Transport
Motobike Transport
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Customer Reviews

MB 2 months ago
Really great service

Really great service. On time, very fast and thorough, friendly and took all the stress out of moving.

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Jonathan Bose 2 months ago
Massive help thanks

The guys were on time and were really organised. They packed my things into storage and managed to tretris everything in very well! Thank you

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FA 2 months ago
I used Removals zone to move my…

I used Removals zone to move my furniture and belongings and I couldn't be happier. The team were very professional, communicative, resourceful and very pleasant. Highly recommended.

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Dan 2 months ago
Smooth move

Smooth move made easy with an organised team of 3.I was a bit concerned when I got a call to say they were running a bit late due to traffic but the team turned up and loaded and unloaded 2 bed house quickly and carefully. Lots of large furniture and fragile items.All items intact and no scratches/breaks.Large items/mattresses wrapped in protective gear.Job done in less than the time originally quoted so was refunded difference. Nothing to moan about.Not sure why the mixed reviews online, would defo use again.

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Agnese& David 2 months ago
Very satisfied with the price and the…

Very satisfied with the price and the speed 3 men worked. Moved a w bed house in a lorry with 3 men in 3 hours. Would definitely recommend

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Emma I 2 months ago
Removals Zone were really efficient!

Removals Zone were really efficient and did a great job moving our sofa into an awkward space, using their initiative to get it over the balcony and everything! Would definitely recommend and use them again.

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Clare Tomlin 2 months ago
Great experience! Would recommend!

My experience was great! Very helpful and efficient service! Would recommend and use again!

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Manaid 2 months ago
Example to Follow - in provision of removals service.

Fantastic service! Professional, jovial, amicable providers.....On both occasions delivered over and above expectation, accomodating unexpected circumstances in their stride. Two different teams but same delivery. My 'go to' service providers for any future requirements and will always recommend them to others. Reasonable rates too not as astronomical as others doing the same service! Definitely the example to follow regarding removals service

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Awesome service,as requested the van…

Awesome service,as requested the van came 1 hour early with an extra person for the Same price. The loading , unloading was smooth and easy, highly recommend them!!!

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JuranC 2 months ago
Awful experience - Avoid

I booked 3hrs removals and agreed in writing the main job was to take the arms off the sofa then move.
They came 6hrs late at 8pm. Set incorrect expectations with sub-contractor who was tired after already completing 2 removals that day; RZ told them it was a 'small job'. They spent an hour trying to dismantle the sofas and get it out door until realising they couldn’t. Due to time, we left sofas half-dismantled then spent 1hr moving one van-load of items to new house

When job was 'done' Removal zone then overcharged me. When I wanted to dispute the response was "if you don’t pay now the removal men you see in front of you will not leave your house".

They left me in a situation where I had to do the remaining removals myself with a hire-van. As I hadn't removed the sofas in time, the new owner of my house charged me for losses. I had to source another removal company on an emergency basis to do the job properly. The new removal company moved the sofas very easily.

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Matthew Moat 2 months ago
Absolutely brilliant service.

Absolutely brilliant service.The office team were really helpful and communication was always there.The guys that actually did the moving were quick, smart with organising and smiled throughout on what was quite a difficult job.Highly recommend.

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Jack Dolan 2 months ago
Incredible service - taking the stress out of moving

Awesome service, helped us moved house - 2 guys 1 van, a massive amount of stuff, all moved safely and efficiently within 2 hours - loading and unloading! Woud hugely recommend. Thanks again.

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Paul 2 months ago
Perfect Removals Service

It is difficult to imagine how the move from London to Manchester could have gone better. Me and my partner watched on as the two guys just got on with the job and ensured everything ran smoothly. It was an extremely long day, but much longer for those two heroes. Highly recommended.

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Professional friendly and honest moving…

Professional friendly and honest moving guys. Our moving was made easy by them being efficient patient and careful about our stuff. I will book again. The only improvement is for their marketing staff, confirmation emails are not sent which keeps the client unsure.

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Customer E 3 months ago
Very good service from Removals Zone

Very good service from Removals Zone, my moving went smoothly and the team was efficient and on time.

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Wesley Cole 3 months ago
Good guys no complaints at all!

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Louise 3 months ago
£50 overpaid

I wish I could give a higher score, because I didn't have any issues on the day. However, on receiving the invoice I realised I had paid £50 over the quoted price (the price was different to that quoted as there was an extra fee for parking further away, and they completed in less time). I couldn't hear the man on the phone who asked for payment and gave the driver £170 instead of £117. The driver refused to acknowledge this and now I have overpaid by £50. I very politely raised this with customer services, and the company are now threatening me with a defamation lawsuit for explaining what happened as they clearly don't want this information to get out. I am very upset as I thought this was a reputable company, and I thought this issue could be easily resolved.

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Michael 3 months ago
Destruction and damage

Destruction and damage. Following the experience with removal zone I understood you really get what you pay for. In exchange for £400, removal zone have caused nearly £2,000 of damage to walls, floors and goods. For the damages they have offered £80. This is based on their policy of repaying £40 per item. Apparently I should have been aware that their team would drag a washing machine along the floor and walls, and should have taken measures to prevent this. Please be aware if you want your stuff destroying and your property damaging, I'm sure removal zone are great.

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A Jo 3 months ago
Very efficient service.

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emma taylor 3 months ago
Really great

Really great, friendly, professional service. Great time-keeping and communication. Thank you.

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Ed 3 months ago
Good service and a great price

Good service and a great price. No complaints at all. Many thanks

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Ali 3 months ago
Amazing prices, amazing service!

So impressed with the service I received on Tuesday!The two guys arrived with lots of energy and couldn’t be more helpful. I’ve used 3 different removals companies in London and this is the only good experience I’ve had so far. My boyfriend and I didn’t feel comfortable just sitting and watching, so although we were helping, they wouldn’t let us handle any heavy items and they were able to work at a much quicker rate than us.Despite my awkward living situation (3 flights of stairs with no lift on collection, 2 flights no lift on delivery) they were finished ahead of schedule and did it all with a smile on their faces. Customer service was also great, Vladimir helped arrange our move and he was super friendly and accommodating even though we booked at short notice. Thanks team!!

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James Hawkins 3 months ago
Efficient and reasonably priced

My team were excellent in moving me out of my property and into my new flat across December and January. I would recommend to anyone going forward.

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Henry Hawkins 3 months ago
5 stars well deserved

Communication was greatTeam professionalDiscounts applied when they said they would5 stars well deserved

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Fred De Lange 3 months ago
Made a stressful evet, effortless

On the day the chaps was excellent!!! they were very flexible and under standing, made a very stressful event effortlessThe build up till the move, also I also need to tip my hat to Removals Zone as my moving date kept changing as contract exchange date kept being movedbut these chaps was top class, flexible and assisted me al the way

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Clare 3 months ago
Excellent from start to finish

Excellent from start to finish. The sales team were really polite and clear. The quote was well priced. The move was completed on time and the moving team were very hard working and looked after my items well when moving them from the house and in transport. I was very impressed and would happily use the team again.

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JH 3 months ago

Lots of complaining and didn’t seem to care about breaking stuff

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Aaron J 3 months ago
First service was really nice

First service was really nice. Second time the service wasn't so great.

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Gareth Cameron 3 months ago
Highly recommend!!!

Great company, the guys were awesome and they worked so hard. Got everything done super quickly, nothing was to much. They had to adjust because some things couldn’t fit into the lift so there was breaking down and rebuilding needed. They did it happily. Highly recommend!!!

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NickF-287 8 months ago

Please avoid this company at all costs. The men packing up stole jewellery from my 8 month pregnant wife and my 2 year old daughter. We trusted them in our home and they went through our stuff and took my wife's engagement ring, wedding ring, and other items inherited from deceased relatives. They even took money out of our daughters piggy bank. The workers were rude, damaged our property, left without packing stuff, did not dismantle things that would not fit down the stairs and did not label any of the boxes, so we had to move them around the new house ourselves. But all these further issues seem to be insignificant, as the distress they have caused from stealing items with huge sentimental value to us massively outweighs this. I have notified the company but all they are saying is that they are investigating this and I cannot speak to anyone senior. Do not use this company - they've made an already stressful experience awful and do not seem to be willing to put things right.

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I cannot recommend removals zone if you are planning a house move. We specifically hired this company and requested they wear full antibacterial suits - this was the only reason we actually chose the company. This is due to me being clinically extremely vulnerable to COVId. On the morning of the move they told me they did not have the suits available, and if I wanted them the movers would be 3 hours late. 3 hours late was not an option as the house had to be vacant by 2pm (they said they would end up arriving at 3pm if they had to wear the suits). One of the movers did not wear his mask over his nose also. On top of this they have very badly damaged our large chest of drawers, it’s clearly been dropped as all of the drawers have broken in half. There is also large gashes taken out of the painted wood on the corners. While the guys who did the move were nice guys and very helpful, I cannot recommend this company.

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AimeeP-41 1 year ago
Absolutely no customer service!

Service on the day was quite good, two nice guys came to assist with my move. However, when putting the sofa in the new place, a wall was damaged with a big hole in it, couple of doors where damaged and many stains left on the wall. Place was narrow and I do understand, it can happen. Tried to contact the company a few times to speak with them on some assistance with these damages, it has now been 3 months and no one answer me by email even though I sent few emails. Tried to call also, however the sales team tell me they are unable to assist with any complaints so they send me back to emails (they did acknowledge that my email was received). Im not even annoyed with the two guys that came, not at all ! Just what company dare to offer this kind of useless and inexistent customer service, This is ridiculous.

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KatieM-496 1 year ago


They’re quick enough to take your money. Then they don’t even turn up! They let me stranded in between flats and not one phone call back. Then I request for a refund and still waiting several weeks later and a phone call everyday.

I am not one for writing reviews (especially bad ones) but please don’t let this company ruin what is a stressful time anyway, and not a care in the world for causing such upset and frustration. Plenty of other removal companies to choose from!!

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TravisB-11 1 year ago

Hiring this company was by far the WORST idea I have ever had. Avoid!
1) They were very late
2) Tired old man needed to take regular breaks (at my expense!!!)
3) Deliberately stopped following the vehicle in front and went missing for an hour while we waited at the destination then CHARGED me for that extra hour!!!
4) Did not have SatNav so kept calling me for directions (their excuse was they ran out of data).
5) Aggressive and uncompromising office support staff who kept pointing out that we had a contract which stipulated £24 for every extra 30mins despite their driver deliberately going missing.
6) Refused to offload my items until I paid in full for the extra hour that their driver went missing!!!
7) They DO NOT accept bank transfers but CASH ONLY!!! What kind of business operates this way in 2020???
I will be making a formal complaint to trading standards.

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GeoK-2 1 year ago
Worst removal

Worst removal of all 5 I've used. Workers were slow and took more than 4 hour to move the amount of things previously moved in half the time.
After that they charged me for all the time they took to chill

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KlayreW 2 years ago

The team on the day was fantastic. They moved all our belongings in one load although we weren’t sure that would be possible but they did their best and the service took actually less than quoted.
Thank you again Removals zone for the professional and smooth move.

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AlfC-3 2 years ago
Smashed my TV and garden table

Very quick at replying before the move. However after the move when they smashed up my tv and garden table they have proved very difficult to get in touch. Attempting to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the TV, saying that it wasnt wrapped in bubble wrap (it was) and that as there is no exterior damage (the screen is smashed) they cant help.

Really disappointing as they were very pleasant to deal with up until this point.


After finally replying to me following this review they offered a paltry and frankly insulting amount as compensation which would barely cover the delivery cost of a replacement TV. If the score could go lower, it would.

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MarianaI 4 years ago

Very quick and efficient service. Would recommend them to everyone.

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PatrickK-29 4 years ago
Excellent and professional service

We booked removal zone for a 2 bedroom move. Tim in the office was extremely professional and curtious throughout, and I felt in good hands even though our moving plans changed several times.

I slightly underestimated our inventory which meant the van was a little small for our needs after they had packed the kitchen, but the guys did an amazing job at fitting everything in while making sure all fragile items were still protected. Everything arrived in one piece and the guys worked extremely hard to get everything up to the 2nd floor.

Excellent value and great service. Will definitely be using again!

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BarryW-114 4 years ago
Amazing, top price!

I was absolutely amazed from the quick and efficient service provided by the Removals Zone team. The guys worked really hard and managed to complete the moving service under the originally estimated time. Customer service was very helpful and answered all our questions and provided a very competitive quotation. Definitely the best removals company I have used so far. Highly recommended!

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LiliG-1 4 years ago
Great removals service

I had to organise our family move to our new home in Southampton, from South London as my husband works away. It was so easy and hassle free to work with these guys, they were on time, and did a great job transporting and taking care of our furniture and beloved items. Would def recommend them to anyone who is looking for great value and customer sercice at a good price.

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BobW-68 4 years ago
Five hours late, and their story kept changing - best avoided.

They were five hours late. Every time I called the ETA would change. They promised to call be back with updates and did not. Take how stressful moving day is anyway - and times it by ten if you use Removals Zone. It's just not worth it. I wouldn't recommend them to anybody.

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KateR-73 4 years ago
Professional and fast service

Professional and fast service, reasonably priced. The team was very helpful and did a brilliant job. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is moving. Thanks a lot for all your help.

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GeorgiaE-6 4 years ago
Great service

Brilliant movers and brilliant service. Thank you for organising our move so quick. Would definitely recommend Removals Zone to anyone.

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DanielS-284 4 years ago

Excellent service from start to finish. We used Removals zone guys to help us with the move of our three bedroom house and they did a brilliant job. Thank you a lot to the fantastic team!

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IvanV-4 4 years ago
Great service

Fantastic work, great prices and done quickly. Thank you to the professional team that was sent and for the polite customer service! Will definitely use them again.

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SallyS-111 4 years ago
Sally S,Sally\'s

Thank you for a five star service
We moved from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom We had two vans and three men all were very polite and professional.
Nothing was damaged the prize that was quoted was not what we paid it was less.
I will not hesitate to recommend removal zone
The person I spoke to when booking was very helpful. ,

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JohnathanD-1 4 years ago
Moved house with removal zone in London (North West to North)

The service was great!! Used trustpilot to look for removals in London, these guys were cheapest for what I needed (1 man and a van, which ended up being a lorry). It ended up cheaper than the quote aswell as I only needed 2 hours so they gave me the reduced price.

I would defo recommend them as they seem cheaper than a lot of the quotes I got aswell, and were happy to move me on a Sunday at no extra cost. All items arrived undamaged, and it was quick and easy.

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FionaH-72 4 years ago
Excellent service

Moving house is stressful enough but thanks to Removals Zone everything was well organised. The office did a great job, the guys were fantastic and the price was good. I was very happy with the service. Many thanks to all at Removals Zone.

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AnnaD-59 4 years ago
Thank you

Thank you for the amazing service provided on Tuesday. Although there was a delay to our scheduled time they kept us well informed and called back as promised. All items arrived with no damage and were assembled in our new home. I have no hesitation in recommending Removals Zone.

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MarkW-581 4 years ago
5 star service

I used Removals Zone to pack and move all my belongings from a two bed flat in London to a three-bedroom house in Kent. The lads that were dispatched to help us with the move were amazing. They packed and carried everything very carefully. All arrived at the new address with no scratch and on the same day. Professional and quick service. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend them and use in the future if I need a removals company again.

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MariyanaS 4 years ago
Friendly and efficient

Friendly and efficient. Very helpful by telephone and responsive. Would definitely use them again.,Friendly and efficient. Very helpful by telephone and responsive. Would definitely use again.

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DavidM-849 4 years ago
Brilliant service!!!

Brilliant service. I made a booking for a 2 bed flat removals service in South London and the guys who helped us moving were excellent. Could not thank them enough!

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DilyanaS 4 years ago
Quickly, properly, good price

A big thank you to Removals Zone for a very professional removals service over the bank holiday weekend. I was amazed by the efficient and quick work they provided - all our goods were packed and handled with great care and everything arrived undamaged. Will definitely use them again.

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EmilyJ-61 4 years ago
Excellent service

Excellent service from the two men who assisted in my move from London to Southend on Sea. They disassembled and assembled three large beds and two wardrobes... The work was quickly done in a very professional way. The price is more than best., I would highly recommend Removals zone.

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GmS-3 5 years ago

The guys were fantastic so fast and efficient. I didn't have to lift a finger.

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A_Londoner 5 years ago
Stay away from Removals Zone

Removals Zone offer competitive prices, attracting unassuming clients who are led to expect an adequate level of service. Not only is their service amateur, their staff also seem to be in the habit of stealing. I used their packing & removals service.
Although I had requested 5 wardrobe-type boxes to pack my clothes, they arrived with none because "the office made a mistake". I had to move most of my wardrobe to the new address in my own car.
The bubble wrap they brought for dishware and glass was insufficient and 4 plates ended up broken.
The worst part though was discovering 2 pairs of designer shoes (in their original boxes) missing after the removal. A bottle of malt whisky has also disappeared. It seems the 2 Removals Zone personnel decided I have too many belongings for their liking and took the initiative to relieve me from some.
Removals Zone have refused to refund me so far. I have called several times, they keep telling me to call them again hoping I will get tired.

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DomO-1 5 years ago
Terrible Service!

I have recently used removal zone to move house. In the process of the move one of the men dropped a box containing my expensive speakers. The man simply said sorry. When we were moved in and unpacked, I tried to use the speakers and found them to not work. I contacted the company to request reimbursement for the speakers but was told that unless I requested this within 24 hours I was not covered. This was not mentioned by the man who dropped the box. This is poor service from a company that I trusted with my belongings.
On top of this, they arrived 2 and a half hours late.
I am appalled by their lack of concern for the damage of my possessions and their lack of apology for turning up so late.
It makes no mention in their email confirmation that you would need to make any claim within 24 hours. It simply says that they provide up to £50,000 worth of cover.
I warn people to avoid this company!

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VS1 5 years ago
Professional and quick service.

Fantastic service, very friendly and helpful guys. The best removals company I have used!

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