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Hiring A House Removals Company in Wirral?

A removals service is as straightforward as it gets: someone comes over to pack your stuff and they take care of the loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking in your new abode. If anything, they would also be more than happy to help you move your stuff around the new place which is especially helpful when it’s not a one-person job. 

Make the most out of the removals service in Wirral through WhatRemovals. With all the contractors on our database being checked and verified, you are sure to get only the best in your area. That means satisfaction for you and maximum safety and security to your belongings!

Compare Cheaper Removal Companies in Wirral

  • Mister Shifter Removals

    Removals start from as little as £20

  • K&E’s Express Logistics

    Family run business based in north wales reliable and trustworthy team.

  • Kings Of The Road Removers

    You pick the location, we will take care of the rest.

  • Mid Wales Removals

    Our aim is to make your move into storage as easy and hassle free as possible.

  • Reese’s Removals

    Dedicated and accomplished teams work hard to achieve your moving requirements and this is the foundation on which we have built our reputation on.

  • DFK Transport Services Ltd

    Undertake a full range of removal services, for domestic, business and corporate clients.

  • Nicks Removals

    Our aim is to make moving home easy giving complete customer satisfaction.

  • Rob Trans

    We are a tight-knit team adapted to hard, reliable work, ready to meet all requirements in line with the needs of both individual and institutional clients.

  • Easymove

    A family run business since 1974, specialist in removals in the UK & Ireland.

  • The Move It Men

    We provide a professional removal service which is second to none, and we consider all of the requirements of our customers, whatever their needs.

  • Mann And Van

    Fully insured - Reliable & Professional Removals.


    Our services are tailor made to suit the changing needs of our customers.

  • Spartan Relocation Services Ltd

    If you need a dedicated team of professionals for your move, we are your best choice!

  • A Star Removals

    Remove the stress offering you the customer a friendly, personal and professional service.

FAQs About Wirral Removals

Get the most out of the Wirral move experience by getting more acquainted with this quaint little town. The best way for you to do so would be to read up about it and also familiarise yourself with the local sights and spots to behold. Wirral has a diverse housing market where almost all tastes, styles and budgets are catered to. 

And because average house prices in Wirral are lower than the national average, you’ll probably be able to get more for your money’s worth! If you’re looking for areas to start and raise a family, Wirral is also ideal as it has a wide array of independent and grammar schools within the town, and several universities in the surrounding areas.

We have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Wirral Removals companies. 

Local Information

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How Much Do House Removals Companies in Wirral Cost?

Wirral removals service costs vary depending on the factors surrounding the move. These factors usually involved in computing removals costs are the volume of the goods to be moved, the distance between the point of origin and the destination, the difficulty of your move, the schedule of your move, and the services you choose to avail. However, the average removals cost in Wirral is £776.

How Do I Find A Reliable Wirral Mover?

There are many ways one can find a reliable mover in Wirral. One obvious way of doing so is by using a comparison site such as WhatRemovals, where you can be matched with nearby removals companies who can easily accommodate your removals requirements.

You may also hire a reliable Wirral removals company that is a member of one of the well-renowned storage and removals trade organisations in the UK. These companies are upheld to a standard of excellence that makes sure they only provide you with the best services possible. The British Association of Removers, the British Standards Institute, and the Association of Independent Movers are some of the organisations you will want to hire from.

How Do I Know If My Wirral Movers Are Legitimate?

There is no licensing or regulatory board that could validate the legitimacy of a Wirral removals firm. However, despite this, it is advised that you find a removals company that is a legal business entity in the eyes of the UK government.

How Far In Advance Should I Book A Removals Company?

A couple of weeks to a couple of months before should be more than enough time to lock in a Wirral removals company. Keep in mind that most removals companies get fully booked pretty quickly, so booking one is something you would want to do as early as possible.

How Long Do Removals Jobs Take?

It depends on how many items you have, how big your house is, and how many movers you hire for the job. To find out how long exactly the job will take, it would be best to coordinate with your removal company.

Is There Insurance?

Your removals company, at least, will provide you with liability protection. However, as this can only cover so much, it would be ideal to get additional removals insurance for your items. You may purchase this from your removal company, an insurance company aligned with your movers, or a third-party insurance company.

Who Handles The Filing Of Permits For The Truck, Van, Or Lorry?

Parking and entry permits are generally handled by the customers themselves. However, others may be able to help you out. Ask your removals company to find out!

How Do You Determine A Long-Distance Move?

Some movers consider crossing city or county lines as a long-distance move. However, generally, anything past the 50-km mark is considered a long distance.

What Can A Removals Company Not Move?

Most removals firms will not move hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, illegal substances, jewellery, cash, plants, animals, and for long-distance travels, and perishable and frozen goods.

Top 4 Best Places To Move In Wirral

Are you still not sure about where exactly in Wirral it is best to live? Well, do not fret! We’ve come up with a list of the most desirable moving destinations in the area!

West Kirby

Are you the type who enjoys an active or adventurous lifestyle? If so, living in West Kirby may be something you want to consider. This beach town is an ideal location for running, walking, cycling, water sports, and many more! 

On top of this, West Kirby is also an ideal location for families as it has many amenities and recreational facilities as well as any utilities and establishments one may want or need to visit. Excellent schools and transportation services also exist in the area. 


Hoylake is another one of Wirral’s popular seaside towns. Thanks to the redevelopment in the area, Hoylake has become an ideal moving destination for all types of households, including individual professionals and families of various sizes. 

Hoylake, like the neighbouring area of West Kirby, is home to many establishments and facilities that make living here easy and convenient!


Willaston is a small village that, like most of Wirral, is great for families with its efficient transport system and network of good primary schools. Just a short distance to Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, this area is also ideal if you are planning on commuting into the above mentioned cities! 


Are you planning on moving with your kids who are still in secondary school? If so, Irby is the place to be! This village is located close to several secondary schools and is also home to a good primary school. 

You will be glad to know that living in Irby means having plenty of options when it comes to churches, utility establishments, restaurants, shops, and many more. 

Want more living space for your family? Do consider keeping your stuff at a self storage facility in Wirral. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for someone to help you only with the collection and delivery of your belongings, check out our list partner man and van companies in Wirral.

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