The Ultimate Student Moving Checklist

Relocating into a new apartment building at school or student accommodation can be a very hectic time. It’s a big change that can be mind-boggling. Combine that with getting off to a good academic start and making new friends, and you’re pretty much setting yourself up for a nervous breakdown! So, how do you get ready for the move? Pretty simple. A moving checklist.

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The stress of relocating can mold your mind into a pretzel, and cause you to overlook some things. Trying to recall everything you need to get done, from furniture shipping to setting up the Wi-Fi, can be almost unmanageable, which is why it’s vital to be proactive. With a complete, printable student moving checklist your move will be simple and stress-free. If you’re looking for a more standard checklist, check out our moving home checklist. You can also check out these packing tips for moving to help you get your stuff ready for the move.

Important Documents

Packing Tips Paperwork Organise

The following credentials will be very important for your move to college, particularly during your first few weeks. Make duplicates of all of them and stash them together in a secure file to make sure none of them goes missing.

  • – Passport photos
  • – Your course acceptance letter
  • – All official college documents, together with your acceptance letter
  • – All your Student Finance documents
  • – National Insurance card

Entertainment/Electrical Items

Electrical Items for Student Moving

It really goes without saying that you will want to bring entertainment with you to college, for example your personal computer. You might even want to bring your own television, however you should check with the administration before packing it.

  • – Headphones
  • – Cable adapters
  • – Camera
  • – Computer/laptop and charger
  • – Extension leads
  • – Hair styling tools and hair dryer
  • – Speakers
  • – Phone and charger
  • – HDMI cable, Ethernet cable
  • – External hard drive


Clothing List For Student

Clothing usually is a no-brainer; you will most probably know what you want to take with you to college. Here is a list of the basic essentials, including a few extras that you might have forgotten about, to make sure you’ve got everything you need for all occasions.

  • – Formal shoes
  • – Smart-casual clothing
  • – Formal clothing
  • – Nightwear
  • – Comfortable clothing
  • – Everyday clothing
  • – Everyday shoes
  • – Raincoat
  • – Backpack
  • – Gym Bag
  • – Seasonal clothing (sunglasses, gloves, scarves, hats)
  • – Costume clothing (for themed parties!)
  • – Winter boots
  • – Slippers
  • – Swimwear
  • – Clothes hangers
  • – Dressing gown

Academic Items

Academic Items List For Students

Academic supplies like notepads and books can take up a lot of space and weight in your bags. So, don’t freak out, you can always stock up on everything you need when you get to college. Most colleges will have a shop providing all the important stationery items. However, there are some basic essentials you might want to take with you just to get started.

  • – Sticky notes
  • – Paper clips
  • – Sell tape
  • – Planner, diary or journal
  • – Stapler and staples
  • – Highlighters
  • – Pencils and pens

Your college will probably send you a ‘recommended reading list’ before your arrival at college, and purchasing all of these textbooks can seem like the sensible, organized thing to do. But, it’s best to wait until you have actually started your course and assessed the situation before you decide which books you really need to buy. As not only do they consume a lot of space and weight in your luggage – they’re costly! You’ll quickly learn that you can find many of them in the library at no cost, or you could even share or borrow them from your course-mates.

Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen Supplies For Student

You have to eat while you’re at school, so start by gathering the necessary kitchen supplies so that you can cook and store food that you don’t eat. You also need to have something to eat on and eat it with. Consider the following supplies:

  • – Pot
  • – Plates
  • – Cups
  • – Mug
  • – Dish soap and scrub brush
  • – Bowls
  • – Fork, knife, spoon
  • – Tupperware
  • – Can opener
  • – Pan

Room Needs

Room Items List For Student

While many college rooms come furnished, it is with the bare necessities, and you will still need some things to make the room usable, especially for studying and other uses. The following are some of the basic items that you won’t want to go to college without:

  • – Alarm
  • – Pillowcases
  • – Mattress protector
  • – Mini sewing kit
  • – Mini iron and ironing board
  • – Trashcan
  • – Storage
  • – Duvet
  • – Bed sheets
  • – Pillows
  • – Clothes hangers
  • – Hangers
  • – Bulletin board/dry eras
  • – Clothes horse
  • – Doorstop
  • – Lamp
  • – Earplugs
  • – Hot water bottle
  • – Wastebasket


Toiletries Item List For Student

The first time you get sick, you are going to feel really crappy about not having a bottle of Tylenol, Excedrin or Aspirin. So, get it before you get sick. Don’t forget the following:

  • – Razors, clippers, tweezers
  • – Floss and toothpaste
  • – Lotion
  • – Medicine
  • – Shower stuff
  • – Hair styling products
  • – Bandages
  • – Soaps


Tools For Students

These items may slip your mind when boxing up your personal effects, but you’ll be surprised at how handy some of them can be in your time of need.

  • – Beach towel
  • – Playing cards
  • – Alarm clock
  • – A torch
  • – Swiss army knife
  • – Batteries
  • – Books
  • – Handheld hoover
  • – Toolkit
  • – Sports equipment

Essential non-essentials

Fake plants for decoration

The following items aren’t precisely essentials, but we can almost guarantee that you’ll need to have them in your new room, to give it that touch of home.

  • – Pictures of friends and family
  • – Fake plants for decoration
  • – Bulletin board
  • – Cushions/Throw blankets for decoration
  • – Full-length mirror/wall mirror

Other stuff

There are also some things that you might not think about, that would be good to take to college with you.

  • – Cleaning supplies
  • – Storage containers
  • – Household products (Ziploc bags, trash bags, light bulbs)

Let’s face it- When you go off to college, you are moving out of your house, and thus you need some basic personal effects to function. So, if you fear bringing your stuff with you over the summer break or you simply don’t have enough room in your apartment, finding a self-storage unit near you may benefit you. You may check out our student storage guide for more helpful tips.

Moreover, if you’re looking for ways to transport the stuff you’ll be taking with you, you may want to consider hiring a removals company or a man with a van to help you out! Unsure on how big of a van you’ll be needing? Check out this van size guide! Meanwhile, if you need some tips on hiring a man with a van, here’s a guide you may find useful!

Compare Removal Companies Quotes

Get quotes quickly and easily from a removals near you.