Packing And Moving Holiday Decorations

When it comes to relocating to a new home, packing and moving can be dreadful. So, to make it tolerable, some people would hire professional movers to save time, and get things done immediately.

In fact, packing for a move is always best to do with the help of a professional since they are more aware of what we need to do. There are some items that movers can’t move, though, so you will have to move these items on your own.

Meanwhile, while moving your items, you will also find that some items are much difficult to sort through and pack. A prime example of this would be holiday ornaments!

Such items are usually one of the most overlooked items we have at home. At haste to take everything down during the holiday season, it is extremely easy to just throw them all together and dump them in the basement, attic, or storage room until we need them again the following year.

However, this kind of practice will make moving house or even just tidying up a nightmare! Hence, it is important to pack such items with care every single time.

So, to give you a hand, we’ve provided you with tips for packing Christmas decorations, for moving or otherwise!

Before you start to pack your seasonal items, you need to get the following packing supplies:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Box dividers (egg cartons)
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Marker
  • Packing Paper
  • Packing Tape
  • Scissors

Finally have all your packing materials? If so, you can move on to our tips for packing these holiday decorations.

How To Pack Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees vary in size. However, packing this holiday decoration requires minimal effort, no matter how large or small the tree is!

This traditional holiday decor is not hard to pack and move! All you have to do is to get rid of the small, fragile ornaments wrapped around it before you start disassembling the Christmas tree. The best way to pack your artificial Christmas tree is by disassembling it into 3 or 4 portions. This way, you can easily fold the branches without deforming their shape for the next holiday!

When folding the branches, start from the top section with the smallest branches, and work your way to the bottom with the biggest branches. Once it is neatly folded, you can secure the branches of the artificial Christmas tree with a piece of string before storing it in right-sized cardboard boxes or storage containers for it to avoid getting exposed to humidity and insects.

Make sure to store the Christmas tree somewhere dry and clean to have it in its best condition for the next year!

How To Pack Christmas Holiday Lights

When packing and storing Christmas lights, you should know that these holiday decorations are fragile and require proper storage.

Remove the Christmas lights from your Christmas tree, and disentangle it until it is knot-free to avoid having broken bulbs. Then, cut out a portion of a piece of cardboard box in the shape of a rectangle. Wrap the Christmas lights around the rectangle cardboard, and tape the end of the Christmas lights to have it firmly wrapped. To ensure that the bulbs won’t get broken, wrap the Christmas lights with packing paper first, then bubble wrap and seal it with tape. Once done, you are now good to go!

Another way to pack these holiday lights is by rolling it around a storage reel or cardboard tube and covering it with a layer of bubble wrap. After, you may seal it with tape to make sure that it won’t unravel. Due to the fragile nature of Christmas lights, it is best not to store it inside plastic bags to avoid breaking the bulbs.

How To Pack Christmas Ornaments

pack ornaments

The best way to store your holiday ornaments is with the use of its original box because it already contains dividers with the exact size of your decorations. However, if you already threw it out, right-sized storage containers, cardboard boxes, and even egg cartons can be of help!

Since you will be moving, it is best to wrap your Christmas decorations packing paper and bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking during transit. Keeping things in plastic bags may not be your best option. So, get a cardboard box and put a layer of bubble wrap at the bottom, before you place your holiday ornaments inside. Then, fill up the box with shredded paper to keep things safe and sound.

However, if you have fragile holiday decorations, you need to segregate it with a proper divider. If you don’t have any partition, you can use egg cartons to store your holiday decor. Meanwhile, if you own unusually shaped holiday ornaments, wrap them individually with a sheet of packing paper and a layer of bubble wrap. Then, carefully move those fragile seasonal items inside the box and fill it up with shredded paper to prevent it from any shock while transiting.

Lastly, avoid stacking heavy boxes on top of the box filled with fragile items, and make sure to mark the box as ‘FRAGILE’.

Tips For Organising Holiday Decorations

  • 1. One way to keep your holiday decorations neat and organise is by using separate storage boxes to avoid spending a lot of time unpacking. When your holiday decorations are categorised, you can easily place it straight to your storage!
  • 2. Another tip is labelling. Labels on the cardboard boxes make it easy for anyone to identify where to find specific items. With this, you won’t need to scramble all your decorations because you already know precisely where to look.
  • 3. Lastly, make sure to put all your storage boxes filled with holiday decorations in one place, so you won’t have to walk around your home to get what you need.

The holidays can be hectic, especially for residents in Brighton. Known as the most eclectic place in the entire UK, residents have to follow through by putting up decors for every holiday. Each holiday must be celebrated the Brighton way. Each household has boxes filled with decorations and holiday paraphernalia.

Most of these are stored in a self storage unit in Brighton so they do not clutter up the house. Since they’re seasonal items, they’re better off in a storage unit than in the garage or a closet where they take valuable storage space.

Moving and packing holiday decorations can be tricky since there are some fragile items we need to store and pack carefully. However, you won’t need to worry because once you follow our tips above, you are good to go!

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