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We'll match you with up to four removal companies to compare for free, with no obligation.


Your matches will contact you to understand your requirements and provide accurate quotes.

Removal Companies in Kent

We all know that moving can induce so much stress. Instead of putting up with it, why not call for a  removal company in Kent? With the help of WhatRemovals, you don’t have to feel uneasy about the safety of your belongings, because our partnered service operators can handle your stuff with care and respect.

WhatRemovals is a website that offers moving services to the entire UK! From storage units, man and van services, to removal companies, you can get it here! With the comprehensive database of WhatRemovals, you can get the best possible deals there for removal companies in Coventry, Twickenham, Edinburgh, or anywhere in the UK  and to make things better, some of our service providers offer not only nationwide removals but also international removals as well!

To get you started, WhatRemovals can match you with Kent movers that are qualified to assist you, close to your budget, needs, and standards. For this to happen, you must first answer our information sheet for us to get the details of what you want!

Cheap Removal Companies in Kent

  • Zolly’s Man and Van

    I am a freelance driver with a van based in Kent. Hire me on 24/7 for home removals and deliveries of larger items locally and nationally. Making your house move as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Full moving services at affordable costs.

    Zolly’s Man and Van is a UK based moving company nearby Mote Park along Kent Life around the same area of East Farleigh Bridge.

  • Hockley Transport

    We attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. Professional moving services that can make house moves as hassle-free as possible. Committed to offering the best moving services at a competitive price.

    Hockley Transport is a UK based moving company just across Thameside Nature Discovery Park - Essex Wildlife Trust just across Hardie Park along Hangman's Wood and Deneholes.

    Hockley Transport Removals & Storage is a well-known company in the Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope areas. Our dependable service will assist you in moving anywhere in the United Kingdom. We are in charge of properly packing and transporting fragile and breakable objects.

  • Veo Moves

    KENT\'S RELIABLE & AFFORDABLE REMOVALS COMPANY We offer a stress-free house clearance service that can make moving as easy and smooth. Efficient and affordable moving services for you!

    Veo Moves is a UK based moving company just across Clock Tower next to Minster Abbey Gatehouse Museum close to Rose Street Cottage of Curiosities.

    VeoMoves are the removals and packing specialists for Kent and Greater London. We aim to exceed your expectations with a professional, friendly and reliable service. Our experienced movers will make moving day as stress free as possible. For moves big and small, we have a package that is right for you.

  • Alfa Movers

    The Apex of removals and clearances. Proudly serving clients in Kent and the surrounding areas. Making your house move as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Full moving services at affordable costs.

    Alfa Movers is a UK based moving company along Waltrop Gardens next to Greensted Island adjacent to Herne Windmill.

  • Van Hire With Working Driver

    Whether you need a van for a couple of hours, all day or all week, we have a package to suit you. Moving house made smooth and easy. The best deals for the best moving services.

    Van Hire With Working Driver is a UK based moving company just across The Friendly Farmer.

  • The Transporter Removals

    Moving experts who can make your house clearance go as smoothly and quickly for you. Determined to provide you only the best value for your money.

    The Transporter Removals is a UK based moving company close to Sunken Gardens alongside Shell Grotto close to Tudor House.

  • Wratten’s Removals

    Moving House can be stressful...except when you move with Wratten\'s Removals Taking care of your house moves with professional services and great rates. Affordable prices for efficient moving services.

    Wratten’s Removals is a UK based moving company near to Memorial Gardens around the same area of Park Farm Central Park Play Area just across Bridgefield Park.

    Wrattens Removals\' aim has always been achieving client satisfaction. Our prices are affordable, cost-effective and reliable. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are one of the very best. We provide rooms or varied sizes to meet the different needs of your clients.

  • Neptune’s Removals And Clearances

    Movers you can trust As shown by our specialized services. Making sure your move goes smoothly from beginning all the way through the end. The best moving services that does not break the bank!

    Neptune’s Removals And Clearances is a UK based moving company next to Clock Tower along Rose Street Cottage of Curiosities nearby Barton's Point Coastal Park.

    Neptune\'s Removals And Clearances provides a completely customized service. From disassembling, loading, and unloading through transit and, if necessary, storage, we\'ve got you covered. For smaller loads and single products, a man and van service is available.

  • Farrant Removals

    Moving house made smooth and easy. Efficient and cost-effective moving services for you.

    Farrant Removals is a UK based moving company close to Bradley Classic Furniture next to Hydra Electric Ltd proximate to Johnsons Recycling Scrap Metal.

  • MovingCompany

    Professional, well-trained movers who can make house removals as easy and quick for you. Moving services at competitive costs.

Removals Companies in Kent You Can Trust

What do you get with a removal company in Kent? Let’s focus on how they can help you in your move.

We definitely recommend hiring removal firms when you have stuff that requires precise care. It is essential to have professional Kent movers to handle your fragile belongings so you won’t have to worry about its safety constantly. Although, if you want to double its security, you can avail for an insurance cover to guarantee the protection of your assets! Other than your items being in the hands of removal experts, hiring Kent removals are also cost-effective. Since you don’t have to do the heavy lifting and moving boxes, appliances, and furniture, you can rest easy.

The long-duration of driving will also not be your responsibility anymore since you have our service operators to do the job! With these in mind, all you have to do now is update your moving checklist from time to time. Have your stuff packed and arranged before the moving day so the collection and delivery will go by quickly!

Before you choose a removal company to help you transfer your belongings to your new location, make sure to review and cross-reference the moving costs of the removal companies we have matched with you! So, to get the results of the removal companies that align with your conditions, submit the risk-free enquiry form today to also get the quotations from them!

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Penshurst Place & Gardens

Looking For A Removals Company Near Kent?

Looking for a Removals Company Elsewhere? WhatRemovals has removal companies over the UK Try one of the locations below or find removal companies in your area

Prepare For The Move: Advice For Moving House In Kent

WhatRemovals is a part of many moving journeys. They see the beginning of many life-changes. WhatRemovals understands how big of a step relocating can be to anyone and how much it means to them. So, to help you deal with the overwhelming feeling you might have as you move to Kent, here are the essential details about the area. Get to know the place!

Kent is an administrative county in England, United Kingdom and has a growing population of 1,568,600 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest counties in England.

If you want to purchase a property in Kent, there are many affordable flats and detached homes in Dover, Shepway, Thanet and Swale. Meanwhile, areas such as Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, and Tonbridge offer more costly properties. The county of Kent is an excellent place for those who are starting a family or growing families. There are many residential spaces with schools, markets, and places for employment around the corner!

Kent’s economy focuses on the construction, scientific research, logistics, agriculture and tourism industries. There are plenty of job opportunities for locals and nearby job-seekers. The transportation links are also a definite advantage in Kent so people can easily access their workplace here.

The main attractions in the county that both, tourists and locals, enjoy are the Tunbridge Wells Museum, Dover Castle, Druidstone Park, Canterbury Museum, Great Comp Garden, Fort Amherst, and Fleur De Lis. These landmarks and institutions are just some of many other activities you can do while you are in Kent.

If by any chance you want to avail a self-storage unit in Kent for all your excess items, or a man and van Kent service, you can easily find it through WhatRemovals!.

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