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Hiring A House Removals Company in Brighton?

Moving houses is a team effort. Unless you want to spend days trying to move and carry your stuff by yourself, asking for a helping hand is the way to go. Sure, you can ask for help from your family and friends. But if you want to execute your move as quickly and as stress-free as possible, we suggest you book a removals Brighton company and let professional movers do all the work for you!

There are a lot of house removals Brighton companies. One quick search may show you the removals companies in Brighton, but finding the best one is the real challenge. WhatRemovals is the best website you can visit if you want to look for the bests in the removals industry. Here, we make sure that we partner only with the best and most reliable companies in the UK. We also have moving companies in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds, Reading, and many other cities and towns in the UK.

Compare Cheaper Removal Companies in Brighton

  • M&P Removals And Transport Service

    We can move you if you are living in a studio flat or if you live in a castle, to anywhere in the world !

  • Michael’s Movers

    We offer a full removal packing & storage service, & also a man and van service for small removals, cars motorbikes & plant transported.

  • RemovAlls

    Whatever you need, we have the service and vehicle that is just right for you.

  • Spotty Dog Removals

    We are an experienced, professional and friendly service, who are on hand to support you with your move.

  • Alphamove Removals Ltd

    Alphamove Ltd. is an expert and highly flexible, Brighton & Hove based, moving company offering a wide range of services.

  • Greenwoods Removals

    Help you with your short or long-distance move.

  • Clear House Moves

    We endeavour to deliver a professional, stress free service to all clients whether we are delivering a single item, a full house clearance or undertaking a complete house move.

  • 4U Removals

    Family-run removals and clearance company in Eastbourne providing moving, collection and clearance services to customers across Sussex.

FAQs About Brighton Removals

Our goal is to offer our customers the best services so they can move to their desired place with no stress and difficulty. We also want you to successfully move without worry or anxiety, so we are here to help make your move to the beautiful town of Brighton quick and easy. To do that, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions about Brighton Removals and have answered them for your reference. Here they are:

Local Information

Average Removal Cost


Average Property Price


Average Rental Price


Number of Removal Partners


How Much Do House Removals Companies in Brighton Cost?

Removals services in Brighton do not have standardised costs. Instead, your prospective removals company will compute your costs based on factors such as the season, size of removals jobs, complexity of the job, number of movers, distance, and the length of the job. On estimate, though, removals costs run at an average of £879.

How Do I Find A Reliable Brighton Mover?

A reliable house removals company in Brighton is not very difficult to find. After all, there are numerous storage and removals trade organisations that uphold their member removals companies to certain standards of excellence:

  • British Association of Removers (BAR)
  • Association of Independent Movers (AIM)
  • Federation of European Moving Association (FEDEMA)
  • The International Federation of International Movers (FIDI)
  • British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

You may also use comparison sites like WhatRemovals to hire a reliable Brighton removals company. All you need to do is visit our website and input the required information. We will then show you a list of the best suitable Brighton removals firms which you may compare and choose from.

How Do I Know If My Brighton Movers Are Legitimate?

Brighton Removals firms are not regulated, nor do they have to be licensed. That is why we encourage you to find someone who is at the very least registered as a legal business to avoid any fraudulent or untrustworthy professional movers. You may also look for movers that are members of any of the organisations mentioned above.

How Far In Advance Should I Book A Removals Company?

Book a removals company at least two weeks up to a month before your move. Many removals companies are always fully-booked, especially during peak season, so it would be best to lock your dates in ASAP.

How Long Do Removals Jobs Take?

The length of the job is usually dependent on factors like how much stuff you have, how big your house is, and how many movers you hire for the job. To find out how long exactly the job will take, coordinate with your removal company.

Is There Insurance?

Yes! Most professional movers provide transit insurance for the stuff they will be transporting for you. It would still be best for you to purchase removals insurance to provide maximum insurance for your stuff, though. After all, most building and contents insurance policies do not cover house removals and item transportation.

Who Handles The Filing Of Permits For The Truck, Van, Or Lorry?

Parking and entry permits are generally handled by the customers themselves. However, others may be able to help you out. Ask your removals company to find out!

How Do You Determine A Long-Distance Move?

Some movers consider crossing city or county lines as a long-distance move. However, generally, anything past the 50-km mark is considered a long distance.

What Can A Removals Company Not Move?

Most removals firms will not move hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, illegal substances, jewellery, cash, plants, animals, and for long-distance travels, and perishable and frozen goods.

Top 4 Best Places To Move In Brighton

Brighton, with a diverse population running up to approximately 290,000,  is known as one of the most open and welcoming cities in the UK. However, despite this, it can be very difficult to determine where exactly you would want to live here. To help you decide where exactly the best place for you is, we’ve gathered four of the best places to move in Brighton. 

Seven Dials

If you value the satisfaction of your stomach and your taste buds above all else, Seven Dials is the place to be! This little area in Brighton, after all, is home to rows of exquisite food and goodies.

On top of this, the breathtaking area of Seven Dials is well connected to the rest of Brighton, with several transport links running through and around it, making it the perfect place to be if you don’t mind commuting into the city centre for work. 

Preston Park

Preston Park is one of the more family-friendly options within Brighton, with it being home to several green spaces, a train station, and picturesque Victorian properties, among many others. Preston Park is also surrounded by several excellent educational institutions, however, this ultimately wouldn’t matter as Brighton schools operate on a lottery-based system.

This peaceful, desirable area is also host of several major Brighton events including Brighton Pride Festival and the Brighton Marathon. 


Lined with converted flats and rentals, Kemptown is one of the most ideal areas for students and young professionals. On top of the affordable housing options, Kemptown is also attractive to the younger crowd as it is home to a vibrant culture, a lively nightlife, the beach, and many more. 


If you’ve got a bit of money to spend, then you would want to purchase a property in Hove, which is a more affluent area within Brighton. Aside from the luxurious properties, you will also find excellent shops, markets, and restaurants in the area. It is truly the best place to be if you are looking to live an upscale life!

If you are now confident about your move to Brighton, we suggest you to consider checking out self-storage facilities in Brighton. Looking for man and van services in Brighton, we also have that!

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