5 Reasons To Use Self-Storage When Moving House (And What To Consider)

40% of homeowners shared that moving house was the most stressful event they’ve overcome. But, what if moving house doesn’t have to be so stressful?

In this post, we will discuss the main reasons you should consider using self-storage when moving house to alleviate stress and what to consider when investing in a storage facility. Keep reading to make the moving process less taxing for you and your family.

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5 Reasons To Use Self-Storage

Here we will discuss the top 5 reasons for using self-storage when moving home. This list will help you decide whether self-storage is the right choice for your move.

Better Preparation

Using self-storage during the moving process allows you more time to prepare for your move. Not everyone is comfortable moving their whole life in one day, which can become pretty overwhelming. As with most tasks, it’s easier to break the moving process into more manageable chunks. 

By investing in self-storage space, you can gradually move your furniture, decor, and household items into storage over a few months. When moving day arrives, you can transfer your basic necessities into your new house, gradually remove your other furniture from your storage facility, and get your new home up and running in a controlled and organised way.

Transition Periods

Often, moving house is not a simple process. Sometimes, homeowners are left without a place to live between moves. If your move-out day arrives before your new property is ready, you will need somewhere to put your furniture and household items. 

During these transition periods, which can last weeks or months, you should consider investing in self-storage. Your furniture will be kept in a climate-controlled and pest-free space, ready for when your new property is available.

Make Your Current Home More Marketable

Before you put your current home on the market, it’s essential to edit and declutter. That extra sofa squeezed into your living room? It might be convenient for you and your family, but it might be a turn-off for a prospective buyer and make your space look smaller. To make your home appear more open and spacious, it’s best to rid yourself of all the clutter in your home. But what happens when you’re not willing to part with this clutter? That’s where self-storage comes in. You can easily store your clutter away to make your current home appear more spacious and minimalistic.

Allows More Insight For Decluttering

If you store your things away in a self-storage space during the moving process, you will gain more insight into the items and furniture you love and the furniture you could do without. While your furniture is in storage, you can evaluate whether you like it or need it. If you decide you don’t need it, you can easily have a removal company enter your unit and cart off any unwanted items for resale or donation.

Allows You To Decorate Your New Home More Easily

If your new home is full of boxes and furniture, you will have a tough time putting up your wallpaper, painting, and decorating the space. If all of your furniture and boxes are stored away, this allows you more free reign to decorate your new home more easily, particularly if you intend to renovate your new home. Then, you can unpack your boxes in stages and take it one day at a time.

What To Consider When Selecting A Self-Storage Company

If you’ve decided to invest in a self-storage company for your move, you’ll need to know what makes a self-storage company secure. Here are some top features to look for when evaluating and deciding between self-storage companies.

24/7 Access

If you’ve recently moved homes, there might be an essential item in storage, like your passport, that you need at 3 in the morning before your flight. The leading storage provider would have used a certified access control installer who is familiar with touchless and cloud-based access control for the facility. This type of security system allows self-storage companies to offer 24/7 access to self-storage customers. Touchless access control provides digital credentials that you can download to your mobile device. These access credentials act as digital keys to enter your unit anytime.

Mobile Notifications

With a cloud-based touchless access control solution, you can receive mobile alerts when someone enters your unit. This feature is essential. When you move, priceless items are stored in your unit, and you need to know if someone accesses the space without permission. You can quickly notify the storage company’s security staff and the police if you suspect someone is trying to steal from your unit.

Video Surveillance

In the event of a crime at your storage facility, you need evidence from your insurance company to aid in an investigation. Opt for a facility that has worked with professional security system installers to provide an airtight surveillance system without any blind spots that a thief might take advantage of.

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Dust Prevention And Climate Control

While your items are in storage, you need to know they won’t deteriorate. Your expensive suit or dress will be worthless if it is moth-eaten. Also, your furniture may warp, rust, or rot if not stored at the optimal temperature and humidity levels. Opt for a facility that advertises climate control and dust prevention.


If you’ve got a big move, you should consider investing in self-storage space well before your move. You can make your property more marketable and make the moving process more gradual to alleviate stress. Use our best tips to choose a self-storage facility that will keep your items secure and in good condition.

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