Why You Need Bicycle Boxes if You’re a Serious Biker

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If it’s your first time preparing and packing for moving houses, it’s natural to think that any kind of box from any old box shop would do. You just want a box to fit all of your items. This isn’t the case, however. There are several types of boxes and each one has its own intended purpose.

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One of the important things to prepare when packing your stuff are the boxes that you will use. For example, when you’re moving to a new home, and you’re taking your bicycle with you, it is important that you use a cardboard bike box. It doesn’t only prevent your bike from getting dents and scratches, it will also protect your other stuff inside the shipping truck, especially when the trip gets very shaky.

If you’re a biker and you’re wondering how you should pack and prep your bicycle for a long trip to a new city, this article was made for you.

The Big Deal About Bicycle Boxes

If you’re a serious trekker and biker, your bicycle would be one of the most valuable things that you own. Though significantly cheaper than a car, shipping your bicycle should be done with utmost care and caution. Protect your bicycle and if you’re going to put your bicycle in the moving van, protect your items from your bicycle. 

Use a bicycle box to make sure that none of your items or your bicycle gets scratched when things get jostled.

Bike boxes for shipping are a specially-designed box for moving your bicycle in transit through air or through land. They are made of corrugated cardboard where you can pack your bicycle snugly and keep it safe as you move.

What Boxes Should You Use for Your Bike?

There are many kinds of bike boxes and cases in the market. Make sure that when you purchase a bike box, choose a product that will fit your moving needs. Here are the bike boxes and other related products you might want to consider when you’re shopping or planning for products for your moving preparations:

The Box Your Bicycle Came In 

There is no better fit for your bicycle than the cardboard bike box it arrived in when you first purchased it! You won’t only be able to save money; you’ll also be sure that it perfectly fits your bicycle’s body and wheels. If you have long discarded the good ole bicycle box, no need to worry. You can find another good box bicycle in the market.

Cardboard Box from a bike shop

But don’t just buy any other cardboard box. Look for a box from a bicycle shop. A bicycle box will offer protection for your frame and other easily-breakable parts. Look for a cardboard bicycle box that is heavy-duty, has a double-wall, and has corrugated cardboard. With a box like this, your bike will be protected.

Bubble Wrap bubble wrap

If you want to secure extra protection for your bicycle, buy yourself a hefty roll of bubble wrap. Why? Despite the quality and the sturdiness of your bike box, it might still be prone to careless handling. Aside from bubble wrap, you can use other padding materials like newspaper, old rags, and foam. Buy moving materials also like newspapers, strings, foam, and packing tape that you will need when packing your bike. 

Once you have all the materials you need, carefully disassemble and pack your bike. If you are a bit lost on the best way to dismantle the body and where to put parts like handles, wheels, and pedals, this guide can help you.

Moving Your Bicycle Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful man and van

There are no technical details or knowledge required for you to move your bicycle to your new place successfully. Just look for the best bike boxes that fit your model, and you’ll be ensured that it will stay protected and away from damaging your things when you’re on the move. Once you have packed your bicycle well, you will have peace of mind that your partner in trekking and adventure will still arrive in one piece in your new house.

However, if you have no time to purchase packing materials or boxes locally or even online with next day delivery options, consider hiring a third party for your big move! They will take care of purchasing packing materials, packing all your items, transporting them, and even unpacking them in your new home!

Moving houses and planning for packing large items is not an easy thing, so do yourself a favour and consider hiring a removals partner to give you peace of mind and a moving day that is safe, stress-free, and hassle-free. We have the best movers in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and many cities across the UK.

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