Moving Clothes 101: Wardrobe Boxes for Moving

There are many things to do when you’re preparing to move to a new location. These include making an inventory of all the items that you will have to move, purchasing all kinds of packing boxes and materials, and sorting out your items. One must also be aware of the different kinds of packing materials and boxes such as telescopic boxes for art pieces, wardrobe boxes for clothes, and other kinds of boxes.

Before you tear your hair out and fully overwhelm yourself with the prospect of moving, packing, and familiarizing yourself with terms like next day delivery, cardboard wardrobes, removal boxes, packing boxes, and other kinds of moving boxes, it is important to sit down and start jotting down your moving plans. 

When it comes to preparation and planning for packing your stuff, the first step is to make an inventory of all your belongings. This will make it easier to sort which of them you will bring with you, which you will give away, and which you will put on storage.

When you’re planning, one of the things you will have to put into serious consideration about are your clothes. If you’re one of those people who enjoy a good clothes shopping experience every now and then, it might take you longer to pack your wardrobe. 

If so, you should familiarize yourself with different packing products that you need to safeguard your clothes when you are moving to a new location. You’ll need to protect your clothes and shoes from creasing and even getting squished by your other stuff inside the moving truck.

The answer to this dilemma is simple: purchase a cardboard wardrobe box. You can check out WhatStorage’s online store for packing boxes here.

Protect your clothes: Use Cardboard Wardrobe Boxes

You might be asking what a wardrobe box is. You might also think: “Any box for my clothes will do, right?”


Wardrobe boxes are tall cardboard boxes that can help you transport your clothes securely and safely when you’re moving. You no longer have to suffer through the pain of folding every material in your wardrobe and then stuffing them into small boxes. These cardboard wardrobes are more secure because they are specially designed for protecting clothes during transportation.

Wardrobe cartons have a metal hanging rail where you can just hang your clothes straight from your wardrobe. These boxes don’t only offer protection during transportation, they also provide convenience for you when you’re packing stuff.

Here are other benefits of using wardrobe boxes when you’re moving:

Wrinkle-free Clothes
hanging clothes wrinkle free

We all know that not all clothes can be folded neatly and stuck in whatever kind of cardboard boxes at hand. With this special kind moving box, you can hang your work clothes, winter coats, blazers, and other pieces in your wardrobe space that would benefit from hanging. The boxes come with sturdy, metal hanging bars and even double-wall cardboards that will prevent your clothes from falling during shaky transportation on your moving day.

If you’re unsure about which items of clothing should be hung, this guide is very helpful.

Save More Space When Packing

A cardboard wardrobe is not only good for storing clothes that can be hung. The space at the bottom of the box can also be used to store other stuff! You can place other items that can be found in your closet (i.e., small pillows, winter duvets, shoes, and carpets) at the bottom of the boxes. Other items that can be packed at the bottom of the boxes are unusually shaped things like artificial plants and flowers, small appliances, and other knick-knacks.

Easy Packing and Unpacking
easy unpacking

By using these boxes for your wardrobe, you will have a quicker and easier time when you’re unpacking your clothes in your new location. Because they are already in hangers inside the box, you can transfer your clothes in your new wardrobe space after moving. This is one stressful thing to worry about when you’re sorting out boxes in your new house after a moving day.

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Consider Hiring A Packing Service
packing services

After the excitement brought about by the prospect of moving houses and gaining a fresh start in a new city burns out, you will have to face the tedious and often demanding work of planning your move. Without careful planning, moving house might put a risk on your beloved items like your art collection, appliances, clothes, and other wardrobe items

Sometimes, however, you won’t have time to buy a cardboard box, wardrobe removal boxes, or even packing products for your move because you’re too busy with your work or your family. That is alright! Instead, you can hire someone who can do your packing and unpacking for you! Check out WhatRemovals’ list of moving company services here. We have partner removals in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton, and many more cities and towns across the UK. Just type your location and requirements and we’ll provide you with a bunch of options you can choose from.

These removal companies won’t just take care of your wardrobe, they can also carefully and securely pack all your valuables, furniture, and appliances so they will be safe when you’re moving to your new house or moving abroad. Removals and packing services will also do the purchasing of boxes— no matter what kind— you need for your different stuff when moving.

Aside from packing and moving home services, moving companies also offer services for long-term storage of things you don’t have to bring with you to your new house but also can’t give away. They can also help you with the logistics of your move, saving you time and stress. To learn more about them, here is WhatStorage’s Guide on Moving Companies.

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